It Is All In The Details


No one can make you feel inferior with your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Growing up in a close-knit southern family, I learned the value of dedication, perseverance and persistence.     Early on, as a young woman, the foundations were set as I learned marketing and understanding what a female needs to feel beautiful.  While selling retail clothing for women, I loved going to work, I loved styling women and the power of how a piece of apparel or accessory could make someone feel.    My passion for fashion was born and continued to bloom into an obsession to be part of the fashion arena.

 The influence of being surrounded by full-figured role models guided me through development of my company. The same excitement I felt as a teen continues today. Designing is not a job for me, it is a passion to construct what women want.  Laura Rene’ Private Label, Ltd was created as a lifestyle concept to fill a void in the market for well-made form fitting apparel and accessories for beautiful and vivacious curvy women, sizes 2-20.  I design for the woman that needs versatility in her wardrobe and that works for her lifestyle.  It’s always been important to me that my designs make women feel beautiful and smart with fashion forward clothes that she craves.   As a size 12, I am proud of the curves that make me feel womanly and sensuous.    The designs embody who I am as a person, a modern woman who loves her curves, who loves to feel sensual and evokes femininity.

 My greatest achievements are seeing the drawings I create on a bare sheet of paper come to life.  Each piece takes a life of its own, from the soft, silky lining on the skin that brings out femininity to the classic, structured designs that demand attention.  The curvy woman comes in all shapes and sizes, whether they are athletic and curvy or soft and voluptuous.  She defines elegance, a timeless appeal that commands attention when she walks in the room and exudes pride.

Love what you want to do and Love who you are…..

XO~ Laura Rene’


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