Meet The Woman Behind The Brand, Laura Rene’

“Without emotion there is no beauty”

Diana Vreeland


Confidence, sexiness, and femininity encompass the designs of Laura Rene’ Roberson and are her signature style.  She is not afraid to celebrate the curvaceous female form and will always be known to make curvy women look and feel “fantastically sexy”. With her inspirations being Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe, it is no doubt that the designs exude sensuality and confidence.

Laura Rene’ Roberson began her life as a fashion fiend, infatuated with fashion and design. From her teen years on she analyzed every page of Vogue Magazine, obsessing about the current trends and designers and finding a way to make it her own on a very limited budget.   Born in a small town in North Carolina and growing up around confident, voluptuous women, she began working at the age of 14 in men’s and women’s retail stores because of her love for fashion and her desire to help everyone feel unique.  It was that work ethic that led her to study business and marketing in High School, becoming the Marketing Regional President and running for State President. Later, in college she would study business, management, marketing, interior design, art history and fashion design.

Being a fashion fiend and wanting to create a sensual but timeless clothing and accessories line, Rene’ tapped back into the fashion industry and solidified a valuable team to help her bring her sketches for her founding brand, Laura Rene’ Private Label, to life.  She has worked with her team to create a brand centered on premium fashion for curvy women, who want excellent style and the same options that smaller sized women have.  The spirit of a vivacious, curvy women herself, Rene’ is very familiar with the style options available and the difficulty it sometimes brings in trying to find sexy and classic premium clothing that fits well but is also fashionable.  Her brand recognizes the void in the market and wants to empower women to be comfortable in their own skin and to feel inspired by their own sensuality and confidence, no matter what shape or size.

Everyone she meets can attest that they instantly become fast friends with Rene’. She is the woman that everyone loves to talk to and the woman that everyone wants to be best friends with.  Her clothing and accessories makes a woman feel seductive from the first moment the fabric touches her skin. Laura Rene’ Roberson is the women who inspires sensuality and timelessness and that is the heart of her label.


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