Why Does Curvy Matter?

Vogue Italia June 2011

The black and white cover features plus-sized models Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and Robyn Lawley dressed in sexy lingerie lounging promiscuously over plates of spaghetti.

Vogue Italia’s gutsy editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzaniwanted to make a bold statement with the June 2011 issue. Her bold decision to host curvy models on the front cover sent the fashion world into a tizzy.

Did you know Vogue Italia had a Vogue Curvy online magazine celebrating everything curvy?  Neither did I!  As the fashion industry is trying to portray a more positive body image with their models, it seems that CURVY is the new trend. Ralph Lauren just named Robyn Lawley as the face of their brand.  I, myself, as a curvy Designer and CEO of LAURA RENE, am an US size 10/12, just like Robyn.

As a divorced mother of three, I have spent the last 10 years struggling with weight issues.  As a fit size 4/6 before kids, and then after a hysterectomy, I found that losing weight was a huge battle! Blame it on genes, not eating well, lack of hormones, etcetera.  It became an obsession that I could no longer feel or look like I did in my twenties.  Do I workout? Yes! but weight does not melt off like it did.  Now, at 41, I am accepting of my body image. I love who I am and that I feel more sensual, sexier and beautiful in the skin I am in.  I live a healthy lifestyle, but I am not going to freak out that I have a piece of cake or ate a plate of pasta that week.  I watch what I eat, I exercise with my dogs and kids and am in love with life.

Curvy does matter to me.  It matters that I portray a healthy, positive attitude to generations that think a size 0 is what we are all supposed to obtain.  No woman or girl is shaped the same and it is wrong that as a designer, mother, sister, daughter,  and friend to show an emaciated form in my models or  that my clothing only looks good on stick thin figures.  That is not what my brand embodies and it is not what I personally believe.  I love the fact that women, such as Marie Denee, speaker,  influential blogger of The Curvy Fashionista and writer of the e-book, Curvy. Confident. Chic, has taken a stance to show the world that curvy is beautiful.  That many women and men in the fashion industry, editors, modeling agencies, designers, etc., have acknowledged women come in all shapes and sizes.  I hope this “trend” continues in the fashion industry and that all women become empowered to voice a broader view of beauty.


Laura Rene


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